How do I find motivation? :

Every day I get up from my dreams and deep sleep knowing that I should get onto the mat or walk outside and start my day stretching, breathing and waking with yoga, then an invigorating walk.  My mind has clarity when I move my body.  My body feels better when I move.  I just want to experience the clarity of the moment, the realness of the fresh air, the birds singing in the background and the sound of my breath and my heartbeat.   I want to motivate myself because I have to take care of myself to take care of others.  I know this and know that movement is key.  It is a survival technique.

 When I lived in Japan, I learned to start the day with the Tibetan 5.  It is a series of exercises that awakens and enlivens the body. I continued this practice when I moved back to Alaska and when I moved to the Pacific Northwest. It really helps to wake up and feel vibrant. It helped me stay motivated and focused through the day.  It was taught to me by two elders in Japan who introduced me to my Shiatsu Sensei(Teacher).  I am so grateful for their knowledge and for showing me the series.  I took a break from this routine when I injured my neck a few years ago.  That is when I began doing more gentle and restorative yoga.  I knew how important it was to heal.  We all have times when we need to listen to our bodies and take a break: rest and restore.  That is why I love teaching yoga and giving massages.  I find it vital for everyone to have those times to rest, restore and revitalize.

Now, I am back to doing the Tibetan 5 with modifications and still love my morning walks. I feel so very fortunate that I am able to revitalize and for all that I am capable of.  I recognize that when I found yoga, massage, and meditation years ago, it took me on a path of wellness that has only inspired me to delve deeper into my practice, deeper into anatomical knowledge & keep up with new discoveries and techniques.

 My yoga practice has always been vital through so many transitions in life.  I have more clarity, focus, and vibrancy to take on the challenges of each day.  I have learned to make time to heal.

 I believe that it is essential to breathe deeply and find balance throughout each day. I do believe we can all discover inner tranquility and balance through taking time to heal with yoga, movement, and focused time for meditation.  It is vital to nourish our bodies and minds with exercise, conscious, healthy decisions, and love. 

I find that it is pertinent to take time each day to heal (especially now) and  discover how much better life can be when we move and get in a healthy groove.

Shine on~

With Love, Vitality, and Persistence,



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