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Massage Therapy



I offer Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Table Top Thai & Integrated Therapeutic Massage combining Eastern and Western modalities.
These techniques are great for reducing stress, creating more ease in your movement, and enhancing your healing path. 

Integrated therapeutic massage is a highly customizable treatment. This includes a fusion of techniques such as: 

• Shiatsu

• Acupressure

Myofascial Release

• Reiki
Thai stretching

Craniosacral Techniques

• Somatic Healing

I'll create a holistic approach for your needs so that you can walk away feeling balanced and refreshed.

Shiatsu massage traditionally takes place on a futon, yet can be done on a massage table or a massage chair to meet your comfort level. Shiatsu is more than just Acupressure. Traditionally, Shiatsu treatment follows meridians, the pathways of energy, throughout your body, to encourage a healthy flow of the body’s energy. Shiatsu is typically performed over loose clothing, making it ideal for those that would rather remain fully clothed for treatment.    

Thai massage traditionally takes place on a futon on the floor, yet I also offer Tabletop Thai on a massage table. You can think of Thai massage as yoga and massage combined, with all the benefits of both! I'll move your body for you and apply massage techniques such as acupressure as well as compression and stretching. I will utilize traditional Thai medicine and therapeutic techniques to create more balance. This whole body approach encourages you to enter a meditative state which reduces stress. You'll want to wear comfortable clothes you can move in for this highly restorative treatment. My clients often report feeling relaxed yet energized after Thai massage. 

Integrated Therapeutic Massage is a customized treatment utilizing all the skills and techniques that I have fine tuned over the many years. I will blend the techniques listed above for your unique massage session. This can be done on a massage table with lotion or you can stay in loose clothing for this treatment. 



"Gail offers relaxation at a great value! 
Gail did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and relaxed at each session. After I showed her where I tend to have the most shoulder discomfort she worked her magic! I always feel so much better when I leave. I also noticed a major increase in my energy, mood and overall mental clarity. I highly recommend!"


Rie Ogawara

Massage Booking

Massage Booking

60 min Integrated Therapeutic Massage
1 hr
New clients use code HEALING75 for a $15 discount! Consistent clients use your loyalty discount code.
75 Minute Integrated Therapeutic Massage
1 hr 15 min
New clients use code HEALING90 for a $25 discount! Consistent clients use your loyalty discount code.
90 min. Integrated Therapeutic Massage
1 hr 30 min
New clients use code HEALINGTHAI for a $25 discount! Consistent clients use your loyalty discount code.
Thai Massage
1 hr 30 min
60 min Table Top Thai
1 hr
Deeply relax with crystal alchemy bowls, koshi chimes, gentle sounds of the flute, etc... Beneficial on many levels of healing.
Personalized Sound Healing & Meditation
1 hr


"Gail is a natural healer with calming energy. I used to only get deep tissue treatments, but her shiatsu touch has made such a difference in my neck and hip pain!"


Jenessa Stark 

"Gail has been my therapist for many years. I get awesome results from her whether I am wanting a relaxing, deep tissue treatment and especially her Thai massage treatments. I have also taken yoga classes from her which has assisted me in opening my tight joints as well as learning how to treat myself with kindness. She is a gift to this world!"

                                           Tenaya V

Questions? Contact Me

I'll be in touch soon! Take good care.


I offer yoga and massage services in Hood River, Oregon at Flow Yoga Studio in the Heights

Back entrance

1015 12th St

Hood River, OR 97031

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