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Events, Workshops & Trainings

I offer Sound Baths, Yoga Workshops, Private Yoga sessions, Private Sound Baths and continuing education training in Eastern modalities in the Pacific Northwest.


Duet Healing Sound Bath 

Join Gail Lordi and Angel Rose as they co-create an energetically healing alchemy of sound. Enjoy a time of relaxation, restoration, and recalibration as you tune into the graceful harmonies of alchemy bowls, quartz crystal bowls, flute and koshi chimes. This soothing bath of sweet fusion will bring ease & nourishment to your nervous system.  
Angel Rose & Gail bring depth, heart, soul, and their incredible experience in meditation, yoga, & bodywork to this Sound Bath experience at Flow Studio: Yoga Move Connect in lovely Hood River, Oregon
Next Sound Bath is Sunday, April 7th at 7pm

Sound Baths will be the first Sunday of every month at 7pm

                                   Beltane Sound Bath

The energy of Beltane is about the sacred fires of passion warming within us.  From the dream seeds we forge within us at Imbolc, to their sprouts of potential at the Equinox, these dreams begin to take their expression into form through play and passion.  

Angel Rose and Gail welcome you to bathe in the sacred sounds of crystal singing bowls, drum, flute, rattles, and koshi chimes as they weave a sacred song in the temple of your heart.  Offering resonance, restoration, and alignment to the pleasure of your purpose.  

 Please come enjoy a restorative and nourishing experience bringing ease and recalibration to your nervous system. Event will be held at Moon Mountain Highway, Rooted Center Studio, Bingen, WA Cost: $25 Per Person Friday May 3, 2024 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Radical Restoration Weekend

Experience blissful relaxation as a radical path to self-realization supported by an empowered intention process from the tradition of yoga. Retreat into deeply experiencing peace and contentment. Mindfulness, purpose, intention/sankalpa, and grace often result from the practices of Yoga Nidra, Restorative & Gentle Yoga, and Sound Healing. Yoga Nidra offers an optimal brain wave state while also opening and healing the mind-heart-body so that we can realize our selves more wholly.

Society Hotel has soaking tubs, sauna, & a cold plunge

Society Spa/Hotel Bingen, Wa. with Stephanie Ruff & Gail Lordi
Weekend in March 2024 (Fri-Sun) Date TBA
Approx. $297 for this Retreat

You will need to book two nights of your choice of lodging booked directly with the Society Hotel
Fri: Room check in 3-4 pm (official start at 5 pm) 
Ending Sun: 1 pm (unless you soak after)
You can register for this retreat at:

Society Hotel & Spa, Bingen, WA

Partner Yoga Workshop

An inspiring way to connect with a friend, family member, or partner through yoga and some basic Thai massage techniques. This workshop is designed with a creative sequence of mutually beneficial partner poses and stretches.  
Partner yoga is fun, heart-connecting, and anyone is welcome to join.  This workshop can help you build a regular practice of partner yoga at home.  Your instructor, Gail Lordi, will have a handout with clear instructions for both the Partner yoga sequence as well as Thai massage techniques. Your partner can be anyone that you want to share more quality time with. 
This workshop is designed with a creative sequence of mutually beneficial partner asanas and stretches.  It is best to practice with clarity and integrity (a clear mind and healthy intentions). Taking time to take deep breaths and slowing down is key to this practice. Communication is also vital for Partner yoga and Thai massage.  Partner Yoga and learning basic Thai massage techniques is fun and is intended to accentuate all your relations with more love, compassion, kindness, understanding, and strength. 
We will practice some dynamic poses that focus on strength, balance, enhancing awareness, and deepening a stretch in your healthy range of motion. There will be time for movement, stillness, ease, and laughter. You are welcome if you are a beginner to yoga, have practiced for years, or just want to try something that will enhance your connection and healthy time with another.  
Please bring any additional mats, blankets, and pillows that you have to add maximum comfort for your practice. The studio is equipped with bolsters, blankets, and blocks. No yoga experience necessary.

Next Workshop TBA at Flow Studio: Yoga, Move, Connect  Hood River, Oregon

Would you like to advance your knowledge in Eastern massage modalities? 

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