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Finding Balance in YOGA on-line!

I never thought I would be on board to teach and dive into teaching and learning more on-line, but I am surprisingly impressed with the connectivity that can be found by teaching and learning on-line!!

I can take classes from the comfort of my home, teach classes from my own space at home and be safe and save on gasoline! Well, that alone is worth it. I also find that at home, I am more balanced & I am more authentic. I can dive deeper into this aspect, but I do practice a lot at home and have found tranquility and comfort at my own space.

I still do have to say, I love connecting with students, other teachers, mentors, and friends in the studio, but the ease of doing livestream from home has been beneficial during this time. I still can connect with my students and teachers, and I have had family members join class from all the way on the East coast.

It has been a true gift to connect with family, friends, and students at livestream yoga classes. Yes, the studio is an amazing space and I do look forward to sharing space there with others when the timing is right. Yet, for now, I am embracing the beauty of staying connected in a healthy way.

I am also appreciating what I can that has come out of this pandemic. I have been able to take more classes from my mentor and friend, Annie Adamson, via livestream. Before the pandemic hit, I would always want to be at her classes, but I would not want to drive into Portland and back home since family time and being home is so important to me. Now, I do get to take at least 2 classes with her per week. I do not have to commute. I can take her class, then go outside and play with my sweet puppy, Bella! I also can take continuing ed workshops on line and love learning in this way! I have more time to be with family and take care of my home and garden, yet continue to grow in my personal transformation and practice. I try to see the positive side of this. I try to reflect on the benefits to my health and knowledge that will transpire to my students and my clients.

Yoga on-line is a creative way to stay connected and to bring the community together in a safe and wonderful way. Certaintly, this pandemic has been a struggle for many. I recognize that. Yet, being able to offer a way for people to connect to themselves and others is vital at this time. The grounding, the breath work, the anatomical lessons, the therapy that is yoga has been a true blessing via livestream.

If you haven't experienced yoga-online, please give it a try. It is worth taking the time to find your balance from wherever you are. I welcome all. I hope to "see" you soon.

With Kindness and in Good Health, Gail

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