Meet Gail

LMT |Integrated Therapeutic Massage/Shiatsu/Thai
 Eastern Modality Educator | E-RYT-200, YACEP
Certified Primal Vinyasa™ Instructor

I aim to create a healing environment that brings relief both physically and mentally. It's my mission to help you take good care.

I'm no stranger to the needs that come with an injury, or the need to find balance with a demanding job. After earning my BA in social science with an emphasis on education, I taught and advocated for kids and teens with special needs. Parallel to this, a back injury led me to seek treatment. For me, this was a combination of physical therapy, massage therapy, herbal remedies and yoga. I realized then how powerful these techniques are to restore health.  They still are vital in my healing and pursuing a healthy lifestyle. 


 While I was teaching in the classrooms, I recognized that students were lacking in healthy practices of body mechanics, calming the mind, and proper nutrition. I began infusing yoga and mindfulness techniques into the classroom. This fueled my passion for the healing arts, and my studies haven’t stopped since.

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There is a sense of empowerment that comes when you learn how to be proactive about your health and wellness. I’ve experienced this for myself, which allows empathy and intuition to guide my approach, along with the skilled guidance of my many teachers.

A worldly education in the healing arts and yoga has allowed me to study Shiatsu from the source in Japan, zen meditation with Buddhist monks, Thai massage from great teachers including Eric Spivack in Seattle, traditional yogic practices at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts, Ayurvedic yoga from Stephanie Dickerson in Alaska, and innovative movement approaches from Annie Adamson to study the Primal Vinyasa ™ system.

I’ve had so many truly great teachers and they have all given me the curiosity to continue studying, and the confidence to channel their wisdom into every treatment, training and class.

Looking for training in Eastern massage modalities? 

I've been a yogini with an adventurous spirit for nearly three decades, yet have found ways to ground myself by tending to my beautiful family and garden.

Whether you’re seeking pain relief, management of your medical condition, stress reduction or just more mindfulness, I’d love to be a healing force in your life.

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